Guide: How to Use the Kitty Faucet

Free Kitty! Everybody loves free things. Would you like to receive free Sweetest Tiniest Cute Baby Kitty (Ticker: $Kitty) in your wallet? Follow these instructions and use our faucet on Unifaucet today!

Here’s how to use the faucet:

(1) First go to
(2) Connect your wallet in the upper-right hand corner.
(3) In the bar, remove the current contract. Add our contract: 0x49dcc020bdb16a4344c848827d154b6d1ef2a25c
(4) Click “Collect” at the bottom of the screen. The faucet is filled through reflections, and so if none are available you will need to wait for some buys and sells to go through.

This is what it will look like when the contract is ready for you to collect.

(5) Approve the transaction.

Congratulations! You have used the Kitty faucet and collected free Kitty! :3

Make sure to stop by the telegram to talk with your new SweetestTiniestCuteBabyKittyBros!